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    Mehmet Bingöl' s Art Page

    Rosemary&Co Watercolor Brush - Series 30 Japanese Pointed Walnut
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    Designed for Japanese and Chinese style painting and calligraphy. Manufactured in the typical Japanese way, using mainly soft goat or wolf hair centered surrounded by a mix of Sable/Pony and dyed to resemble a pure Sable brush.

    PictureNoNameSizePriceStock LevelQuantity 
    JPW-20Series 30 - Japanese Pointed Walnut - Size: 20 Diam: 15mm20$16.13Please ask
    JPW-30Series 30 - Japanese Pointed Walnut - Size: 30 Diam: 20mm30$19.20Please ask
    JPW-40Series 30 - Japanese Pointed Walnut - Size: 40 Diam: 24mm40$22.52Please ask

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