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    Rosemary&Co Watercolor Brush - Series 41 Pointed Squirrel Oval Wash
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    Pure Squirrel hair points as well as Kolinsky and Red sable but has very little snap because the hair isn't very resilient. Popular for loose style work and 'wet on wet'. A flat body with good density of hair acting as a great reservoir. The tip useful for nonspecific detail.

    PictureNoNameSizePriceStock LevelQuantity 
    PSO-1/2Series 41. Pointed Squirrel Oval Wash 1/2"1/2"$16.421
    PSO-3/4Series 41. Pointed Squirrel Oval Wash 3/4"3/4"$17.98Please ask
    PSO-1Series 41. Pointed Squirrel Oval Wash 1"1"$20.82Please ask

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