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    Rosemary&Co Ivory Short Flats (Short Handle)
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    The Ivory is synthetic bristle at its best, a cross between the feel of nylon and hog bristle. Short Flats allow a much sturdier brush with a stronger "snap" creating sharper edges and control. Ideal for blocking in and impasto.

    PictureNoNameSizePriceStock LevelQuantity 
    ISFSH-0Ivory Short Flats 00$3.122
    ISFSH-1Ivory Short Flats 11$3.92Please ask
    ISFSH-2Ivory Short Flats 22$4.69Please ask
    ISFSH-3Ivory Short Flats 33$5.48Please ask
    ISFSH-4Ivory Short Flats 44$5.85Please ask
    ISFSH-5Ivory Short Flats 55$6.70Please ask
    ISFSH-6Ivory Short Flats 66$7.471
    ISFSH-7Ivory Short Flats 77$7.87Please ask
    ISFSH-8Ivory Short Flats 88$8.071
    ISFSH-9Ivory Short Flats 99$9.49Please ask
    ISFSH-10Ivory Short Flats 1010$10.68Please ask
    ISFSH-12Ivory Short Flats 1212$12.61Please ask
    ISFSH-14Ivory Short Flats 1414$19.99Please ask
    ISFSH-16Ivory Short Flats 1616$24.14Please ask

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